CyberFundamentals Framework

The CyberFundamentals Framework is a set of concrete measures to protect data, significantly reduce the risk of the most common cyber-attacks, and increase an organisation's cyber resilience.

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What services does Safeonweb@work offer?

Safeonweb@work aims to provide your organisation with tools to better arm yourself against cyber threats.

Browse our platform to discover all our Tools & Resources available publicly and free of charge to all companies and organisations in Belgium.

And register your organisation to benefit from additional services designed to help you identify and mitigate cyber threats specific to your network and domain.

Cyber Threat Alerts

The Cyber Threat Alerts service helps your organisation to investigate and mitigate potential cyber threats on your network by being notified of vulnerabilities...

Safeonweb Browser Extension

The Safeonweb Browser Extension is an Internet browser extension that measures the level of trust you can have in the websites you visit.

Quick Scan Report

The Quick Scan Report service allows you to receive a report that will give you a overview of security vulnerabilities and improvement opportunities for your on...

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Tools and resources

These services are publicly accessible and free of charge to all organisations without registration.


This Self-Assessment questionnaire is designed to help you evaluate your organizations’ maturity level towards cybersecurity and receive recommendations to improve.

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Policy templates

This set of customisable and editable policy templates is designed to make it easier to implement information security management within your organisation.

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The NIS2 Law

The NIS2 Law

Find out what the NIS2 legislation means for your organization, if you could be in scope and what your obligations may be.

Cybersecurity subsidies

Cybersecurity subsidies

You have no doubt that cybersecurity is important for your organisation but the investment in resources and skills is daunting? Don't hesitate! Various subsidy mechanisms exist in Belgium to support you in the implementation of your protection measures.