What is the Safeonweb Browser Extension?

For every website you visit, the Safeonweb Browser Extension shows you if the owner has been validated (Green) or not (Amber). 

Websites without a validated owner (Amber) should be suited for reading only. To share personal and sensitive information you can expect the owner of the web site to be validated (Green). If a hacker puts malicious content on a website with a validated owner the validation status will change to Amber or Red directly after the first notification. Known malicious or insecure websites are marked as Red.

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Pay attention!

The Extension only reflects information regarding the identification of the website's owner, not on its content.

How does the Safeonweb Browser Extension work?

The Extension allocates a score to the websites you visit:

  • Green (OK) - score of 4 out of 4: the website owner has an Extended Validation Certificate issued by a Certificate Authority or the site owner is registered on atwork.safeonweb.be (for belgian organisations only). Therefore:
    • It should be OK to continue surfing on this website.
    • It should be OK to share data on this website.
  • Amber (!) - scores from 1 to 3 out of 4:  the website owner has an Organisation Validation Certificate, or a Domain Validation Certificate issued by a Certificate Authority, and the website is not registered on atwork.safeonweb.be Therefore:
    • It should be OK to continue surfing on this website.
    • If any doubts, refrain from sharing data on this website.
  • Red (X) - score of 0 out of 4: the website lacks basic security features or is known as malicious. The website owner has no Certificate and therefore has not been validated. Therefore:
    • We advise against browsing this website and sharing any data.

This score is based on 3  variables;

  • The Certificate Type Score, which reflects the validation level of the Certificate you have obtained for your Website. This score is computed as follows;
    • 3/3 if you have obtain any type of Certificate and registered your website on the Safeonweb@Work portal or you have obtained an Extended Validation Certificate;
    • 2/3 if you have obtained an Organisation Validation Certificate;
    • 1/3 if you have obtained a Domain Validation Certificate; or,
    • 0/3 if you have not obtained any type of Certificate for your website.
  • The Certificate Authority score, is a score of 1 or 0 depending on whether the Certificate Authority that delivered your website's Certificate is a known actor on the market and referenced in the CCB's databases.
  • The Domain Score; reflects whether your domain is registered as malicious, in which case your total score will be brought down to 0.


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