You have no doubt that cybersecurity is important for your organisation but the investment in resources and skills is daunting? Don't hesitate! Various subsidy mechanisms exist in Belgium to support you in the implementation of your protection measures.
This page gathers information on the subsidies made available to companies and organisations in Belgium by the various public authorities at national and regional level.

You will find below a first series of useful information (for whom, for what, with what benefit) and we invite you to consult the websites of the different reference providers to find all the necessary information and to submit your application for subsidies.

Would you be interested in initiatives in Belgium gathering advices, awareness and training tools and resources to support your organization in the implementation of its cyber security measures : Consult our dedicated page Cybersecurity in Belgium.

National Coordination Centre for investments in cybersecurity

Find also the list of EU Investment Programmes on the page of the National Coordination Centre. The new work programmes have been adopted by the European Commission for both Digital Europe Programme and Horizon Europe, but also the European Defence Fund. All of them include allocations for cyber security projects.